Internet churches

This is a request for Internet churches, if you know any please insert them in the comments.
One church is Yoido Full Gospel in Seoul.

Source: (swedish texts) 1, 2, 3
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  1. Hello... I'm Dennis from India.

    My friend Patricia, who is a servant of God met with an accident in Paraguay. She was on a church outreach to Paraguay. Patricia is originally from Bolivia.
    At present she is hospitalized in Paraguay. She is in coma now and is having brain and lung injuries. Doctors are saying that her condition is critical but I have faith that God can do wonders and He alone is on control.

    Pray that she may start responding soon and that the healing process may start in her body. Pray that she may recover as soon as possible. There is also need for finances that she may be shifted back to Bolivia and for her further treatment. Pray that God may open doors for finances. It is taking almost $3000 for Patricia to be shifted to Bolivia but that can only be done after her health improves.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for your prayers! I have mental illness and am having a difficult time trusting in the Lord. I have many medical issues, including schizophrenia. But I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. My husband and son are not walking and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel so devastated that my heart could faint. I need healing and deliverance. My husband and son need to learn to love the Lord Jesus Christ, and obey Him. Even now, as this is being written, I am being tormented by the enemy and terrible voices. My mom and dad and in-laws need the Lord Jesus too oh yes I my grandma! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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