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Open Doors is an organization who strengthens and equips the Body of Christ living under or facing restriction and persecution. They do so by;
  • Providing Bibles and literature, media, leadership training, socio-economic development and through intercessory prayer;
  • Preparing the Body of Christ living in threatened or unstable areas to face persecution and suffering; and
  • Educating and mobilizing the Body of Christ living in the free world to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians and be actively involved in assisting them.
We pray for Open Doors that they will succeed in their efforts, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Open Doors


  1. Greetings, its been said that 2 or more prayers are higher and stronger than that of 1- so i would like to pray with all of you for a good job/work. i have lost it all and need to find a new begining asap, and to get a new place for my wife and i. i pray in the name of the Father , the son and the holly spirit. AMEN!!

    love and peace
    thank you

  2. Please pray for my Sister to be saved and free from gambling and her a job. Please pray that that witchcraft is removed from my life and my kidney's and ankle is healed so that I can live an abundant life from abuse, and that that my daughter and son is free from these demonic spirit's as well and my Grandson, especially my husband who need to be saved and free as well, it's an emergancy, please help us, I am desperate!

  3. Prayer Request

    “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b, NIV).
    Praying for our ministry is the most important way you can support the work we do.

    1. To have good food, cloth and shelter for people of our country.
    2. Nearly half of our population lying in dire poverty.
    3. For the church to grow in spirit and number and the mission.
    4. For a main church building, as well as village church buildings.
    5. For the children ministry, women ministry and youth ministry.
    6. For the four wheelers and two wheelers for the village pastors.
    7. For Rev. Dr. Pasala and his family.
    *Kindly keep praying for the above mentioned. We have experienced and we believe that the prayer can change things*
    NB: - you can visit us any time to witness the work.
    Website: -

  4. lord help my child in his uni

  5. Pray for my job problem.And peace in me and my family.

  6. I need prayers for an opening into a new job. I already have one but it is too demanding such that I donot have time for the children and other things. I am ready to leave it.
    I also want spiritual breakthrough in my prayer life and that of my husband.

  7. Urgent --- Pray and Intercede for Juan A's & Family - Salvation - Murder & Freedom from Demonic Possession & Suicide Spirit

    Please pray for my nephew Juan A (Juanny, 26 yrs), unsaved, who committed a brutal murder (hate crime), three weapons charges, and he may be also accused of another murder. Juan A is facing life in prison or death penalty (State and Federal cases). He has been involved with drugs, gangs, suicide attempts, rape in prison and is afraid of prison. During his arrest, he stated that “he may not be here soon” (or possible suicide). Pray for his salvation, conviction of sins, freedom from anger/resentment, hunger of God's love, mercy, joyful spirit, hunger for God's word, knowledge, protection, joy, peace, strength, and God's will in his life. Intercede for Juan A deliverance from criminal thoughts and bondages, alcohol, suicidal thoughts, evil thoughts and emotions, sexual sins, lack of love, mercy, etc.

    Intercede and pray for his children, girlfriend and former spouses, his father, Juan, unsaved; his mother, Mildred, unsaved; and his sister Jennifer, unsaved. Pray for their salvation, deliverance from suicide, depression, unclear mind, anger and resentment. Pray for an encounter with Jesus, hunger of God's love, mercy, spirit, word, knowledge, protection, joy, peace, strength, plan and will in their life. Also pray for his sister Jannette, saved, a pastor wife, and nieces. Special prayer for his father (Juan) and mother Mildred. Both are depress, lonely, lack support and sympathy from family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, relatives, and others. Pray for protection against criminal or civil lawsuit against them and complete support, care and help from family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, relatives. And others.

    Also pray for the rest of the family Eladio Sr. and Jr., Mayra, Coco, Beno, Luis, Margarita, Luis, Edwin, Flor, William, Zory, Frances, Ivonne, Jary, Jessica, Carmen, Josue, Manuel, Heidi, Tony, Orlando, Noel, Alex, Glenda, Brenda, Julia, Irenias, Milly, Virginia, Gladys, Maria, Milagros, Julio, Julito, Luis, Angel M, Panchita, Miguel, etc. Also pray for his uncle Eladio and Mayra, needs freedom from anger, bad feelings, resentment, lack of love, high blood pressure, lack of a clear mind, etc. Pray that God take complete control of Juan A life, his children, his girl friends, his ex-spouses, his relatives lives and the whole situations they are going through. Pray that God use this for his own and glory and show his love, kindness, and mercy! Thanks for your prayers and God bless you always!!! Flor

  8. please,pray for the world church-to wash our shame;
    and for an world christian movement ' let's empty the orphanages '
    and for Israel-to lace God on first place,not the promised land;
    and for our brothers and sisters,who serve in the Muslim countries;
    and for Bulgaria-my country-to repent and to glorify God with good deeds;
    and for me-I want to know what love is!
    Thanks,be blessed!

  9. please i need your support and prayer,as my husband job is at risk.We have four children the elder one is 9yrs and the last is just 11 weeks. I don't know how to manage. oh lord help me and my family keep your blessing on us.


  10. I have a very important prayer request that I wrote on 3 sheets of paper. This request has a lot to do with God's provision for my future. Please pray that God will fully answer everything I ask for on those 3 sheets. Also, pray that Jesus will draw me very close to Himself.--Seth

  11. Please Pray a hedge of protection around my mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life . Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD In JESUS Name...Phil Chavez

  12. I am an eighteen year old high school graduate, and in need of prayer for God to continue opening the doors to a well rounded education and career. My family doesn't exactly have all the money in the world and me going away to college isn't very easy on my parents. Please pray that God continues to bless my family and I so that I can go forth to college and finish. I will be repaying God by serving him while I attend college and spreading his word.
    Thank you and Godbless <3

  13. I have an unspoken prayer request--written on a sheet of paper. Please pray that God will answer it, fully.--Seth.

  14. Please pray for my family and I because we have generation courses, and we need to break the course, nobody in our family is progressing at all, we are all poor and reched, Please you pray so us for God's intervention and God's divine favour in my family.

  15. Please pray that I may be strong in the lord and that I get a new job

  16. Please pray that God will purify me, cleanse me and deliver me from all sins and all darkness in my life. There seems to be a lot of darkness in our apartment. Pray that God will purify our whole apartment. I've recently been involved in some sexual sins that seem to have opened a door in my life, and I'm wondering if the darkness I'm facing is demonic. Pray that God will heal me, forgive me, cleanse me and deliver me from those sins, and that He'll reveal all my sins to me and bring me to complete repentance. Pray for deliverance and freedom from all demonic attacks on my life, and for any dark presence in my apartment. Pray that everywhere I send this request, God will give the intercessors insight and guidance in how to pray, and draw many powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently for it.

  17. Please pray for me, i have a job, but a very abusive boss, please pray that GOD can tame his heart. I pray for a supernatural financial intervention, so that i can start my own business and leave this man. I have worked for him for 10 years with no appreciation, no benefits nothing. I am a single mother of two and i am sure GOD will open another door that no man can shut. Please pray in agreeance with me! May GOD answer all our prayers in this ministry, as we all pray for each other. I am also praying for my legal documents to be approved, so that me and my kids can work adn go to school without any problems! GOD is good! Amen!

  18. I pray for a good husband, a good man and i have been waiting for so long, and i pray for a good sound man. I am a single mother of two and i need a husband, a man that can take care of me and my two children, a good loving and kind man, that i can grow old with. Please GOD give me a chance to meet someone good my FATHER!

  19. I've written up a 2 page prayer request that's very important. I feel like in an effort to bring clarity and make things right, I've gotten my life and my friendships entangled in a mess that I need God to sort out. Please pray that God will straighten what's been twisted, that He'll bring truth to me and everyone around instead of confusion, that He'll bring love and forgiveness and trustand joy into me and these friendships, that He'll bring me and these friends close again, and that He'll bring hope, wisdom, light, and His love into all of this. Pray that we'll love and like eachother more deeply. Also, pray that God will powerfully, fully answer everything I asked for in that 2 page prayer request. Thanks. --Seth.

  20. I have not work for a year. I am praying for a job but I havn't heard from God. Please pray with me that God will bless me with a job. Great benefits and pay. I am praying for a companion I am tire of being alone. I need a break through. Seem as if God is not listening to my prayers. My prayers are not answer and I don't understand why. Because I am a christian and I live my life as a christian. I need the Lord to help. My morgage is behind and I don't have a regular job. I am asking for the Lord to help. Please pray with me. I need help.

  21. Please pray that God will heal my appetite. Pray that I'll have a good, full, healthy appetite for good food. Pray that I'll get the right food, make it right and eat healthy. Pray for strength and focus, because I'm feeling weary and somewhat fatigued, and pray that God will guide me these days, from morning to night, that I'll do what I should, as He leads. Pray for discipline. Pray that I'll organize my room, and that I'll clean whatever needs to be cleaned in the apartment, and clean out the fridge. Pray that God will bless a new friendship I have, and draw us very close, and deeply in love.--Seth.

  22. I've written up a prayer request that I'd really like God to answer. Pray that He will fully, powerfully answer everything I've asked for in that prayer request. Also, pray that God will draw me and Heather my girlfriend very close to Himself. Pray that when we worship at church God will fill us with a spirit of worship and with His glory and love. Pray that we'll enjoy studying the Bible together and worshipping together. Thanks for your prayers.--Seth.

  23. I am almost 36 years , and trusting God to get pregnant by February. The baby must be in good health and strength .I need favour from GOd on my job.I am trusting God to open new doors for my husband and I. I trusting God to get more closer to him and help pray more.thank you god

  24. PLEASE IAM A MISSIONARY PASTOR IN GHANA.i thank God for using you and your ministry to be a blessing to people especialy ppeople like name is pastor stephen . i need prayer for church growth and exploition. thanks

  25. I’ve just moved to a new city. I’m sure God led me to move here, but right before I left, I put many of my best clothes in the public wash, and they seem to have gotten stolen—I need a job, but I don’t feel comfortable applying for a job in the clothes I have (even before those got stolen), and I’m concerned about finances. Pray that God will provide nice clothes for me. Pray that He’ll lead me to the right stores or thrift stores, and provide excellent clothes. I need everything, but especially nice pants, a professional-looking coat, and nice shoes. Pray for provision for those things and guidance in getting a job. Also, someone’s fixing my laptop for me; I need the internet for the job search. Pray for guidance for him: that he will fix all the problems, that I can get online, that my computer and internet will run smoothly, efficiently without any problems. Also, I’ve written up an unspoken prayer request on a sheet: pray that it’s fully answered. Thanks. Seth.

  26. Lord Heavenly Father, I pray for forgiveness for all sins committed knowingly and unknowingly. May You cleanse my heart with the precious Blood of Jesus. Give me the strength to resist all temptation. I thank you for life, good health and the many blessings You have showered upon me. I pray for new beginnings and a new lease of life in my business. Lord expand my business that it may grow and that I may prosper and reap the benefits of my labour. I invite you into my life and ask that you take control of all situations regarding my well being and that of my family. Guide us, protect us Lord and help us to succeed financially. Open doors that were previously shut and may we begin to experience your awesome power and glory.
    I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen!!!

  27. greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. just want you to join me and pray that i get a new job and be able to shoulder my resposibitities.
    thanks and remain blessed in the Lord

  28. Lord I come to you begging that you will open a new door in my life. I love my job, but I long for a change, I long to advance in my career. Lord if it be your will please bless me and my family. Forever Yours

  29. i ask that God would direct my path to the right path that may not mistaken his path. for i am lost in the middle of no where,i seek him now.

  30. i pray for divine path...i need God to show me the right path to righteousness.

  31. Please my good friends in thy Lord. My name is (Ifeanyichukwu Obasi) from Imo State Nigerian. I want you all to help me pray for breakthrough/open in my life. May God bless you as you do so


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