Pray - Charles Spurgeon's most popular preaching

Charles Spurgeon
Many says the most influential preacher of all times outside the Bible is Charles Haden Spurgeon. He was a Baptist but was a popular preacher of many denominations. He goes under the nickname "Prince of Preachers" and are considered to be the best preacher ever lived outside the Bible.

Well, that can be discussed but fact is that he preached for millions and millions has taken part of his preachings after his death.

Anyway I was looking for a good preaching to listen to. It is perfect to save time by listen to preachings while driving or doing a walk. I found the site so what I did was checking out which preacher was most popular and it was Charles Spurgeon.

Then I checked which of his preachings was the most popular and I found it was a preaching about prayer!

You can listen to it or download it here:

Charles Haden Spurgeon: True Prayer - True Power